Sports Psychology and Personal Consultant

David Sammel is a recognised and trusted one-on-one advisor to high achieving athletes, coaches and executives in sport. An expert in finding and extracting the additional potential to create breakthroughs on their paths to achieving their personal and professional aspirations.

He has 30 years of international consulting and coaching experience with individuals, teams and sports management; and authored several publications, including the best-selling book Locker Room Power. He specializes in providing inspirational and pragmatic recommendations on how to develop mental strength, a winning attitude and how to be successful in any competitive environment. David’s programs are tailor-made to fit each client’s needs.

For sports professionals and high achievers in business


One on One Mentoring

Nurturing sports or career potential is where David excels. Strong mentality and an attitude shaped for success is what inspires and drives forward the programs that are available. Competitive environments are everywhere and David creates the tools to maximise personal ambition and psychological strength.


Inspiring Workshops

While most of his experience is rooted in sports, it can be easily instilled into other industries and contexts. The core expertise lies in identifying an individual’s capabilities and leadership of diverse group dynamics, helping clarify a personal or joint vision. Build an inspirational pathway and exciting things happen.


Core Leadership Skills

Running a business or providing key leadership takes a certain type of individual – enterprising, driven and focused. David’s approach is to bring the best out of people with personal coaching sessions to help them develop their skills and mental power to have a massive positive impact on their business and the people in it without forgetting to enjoy the process. Fun is an underestimated element of success.

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